Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our field of boxes - SFG in the early stages...

Potato plants - just peeking up from the soil!

Another run to the house last night to drop off bikes and pick up a broom, proved exciting. We have sproutage! Most of the things in the garden are sprouting. We definitely can see tons of beans coming up. And last night it was obvious that the potatoes are growing (finally!).

While DH worked on unloading the car and opening a few more boxes, I went out and planted watermelon and sweet potatoes. I also checked in on all the growing stuff and took some photos. We definitely need to do some reading on caring for apple trees. The apples seem super crowded on the branches and most of them are hanging well below the leaves and not getting much sun. The apples that do get sun are showing a red tint. Those that don't are super green. I think this means that they need more sun! We'll have to investigate how to do that for them.

After the garden tasks, I went inside to do a little more work. We decided to change a few of the colors in the house so that we could use the oriental rug in the office instead of in the dinning room (where I really didn't like it). We also got all the wallpaper border down in the office and 90% of it down in the laundry room. We also discovered that the oven isn't working right. The door doesn't close all the way, so when you are cooking, it not only takes forever, but it heats up the kitchen something awful. So the oven is the first to go in the kitchen. We'll see how the other appliances function before finishing our priority list, but the fridge is likely next since it's so old it's not very efficient (and a fridge is a huge power drain). The dishwasher appears ok, so that might not need immediate replacement. Same goes for the stove which seems to be in ok shape. The microwave is totally fine. In fact, since it's not actually connected to the house, I'm really surprised (and pleased) that they left it for us! We also want to buy a chest freezer eventually.

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