Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Extra Set of Hands

This is the brooder that H put together. Chicks should arrive Thurs or Fri.

Day 2 on SBD - success! I also packed another 7 boxes last night while H ran to the house to water and to check for the chickens. Our account was charged for them yesterday, so they should be arriving any day now! Baby chicks!! I can't wait! I've wanted them since I was a small kid and mom used the promise of baby chicks to convince us that moving into the big old house away from my friends was a good thing. I guess we've come full circle. The things my mom was doing back then are now the things I'm doing with my husband.

Anyway, we are one small step closer to moving day. Speaking of which, I spoke to my brother this morning. He's a commercial pilot and will be in town for an overnight this weekend. Lucky him...he'll be here for moving day! We've already rented the truck, so there's no going back now. I'll be picking him up on Saturday morning and that will give him the chance to see our new house and us an extra set of hands to get the truck loaded!

Lastly, I saw some information from a salesman at a Toyota dealership about how they are hurting because they don't have enough of the cars people want. He mentioned something about the price of the Prius going through the roof. Based on research I did about a month or so ago, I was planning on asking for 18-19K for mine. I just looked them up now and I'm amazed. There aren't many - but if the sellers are actually getting the prices they have listed them for, then I need to up my asking price. If this trend continues, I may get more for this car than I paid for it! I've just made the appointment to get the 60K service done, so once that's taken care of, then I'll get it listed. The plan is to put most of what we make (over what we owe) towards paying off the Matrix. I think we may hold out about $2500 to buy an old pickup to have for emergencies, as well.

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