Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another before and after

After (but 'before' furniture!)


This is our master bed room. The before was from the listing and the after I just took yesterday. We obviously still don't have our furniture yet, but it's honey colored pine and I hope to find some bedding to coordinate with the blue that's not too expensive. Usually, when I redo a bed room, I buy the bedding and work from there, but this time I'm doing it backward. I'm not sure why except that we needed to choose the paint and we still hadn't decided on bedding. Eh...hopefully it'll work out!

This weekend, our plans are to paint the kitchen and the laundry room, finish the chicken coop, and get the compost pile/bin set up. We've been putting of this compost thing for WAY too long now.

Oh, and the next thing on our list (besides fixing the exterior siding) is to build a solar dehydrator. I'd also like to do a solar cooker while we are at it, but we'll see. If we can use all scrap materials, we can do both. If we have to buy new stuff, I might want to wait.

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