Monday, July 7, 2008

Long weekend = lots of work!

Our first tomatoes are growing nicely!

Our front yard - and proof of some of my work (mowing) this weekend.

Yep, I was over ambitious, once again. What a surprise!

Anyway, we did get the basement office painted, the master bedroom painted, the master bath painted & the chicken coop started. We also got most of the yard mowed. I worked for 4 hours, and only did about 3/4's of it. We definitely need to move 'getting goats' higher up on the priority list to cut down on all this time spent mowing!

The basement office required quite a bit of prep work and priming. Then it needed two coats of wall paint and three coats on the trim. We removed the closet except for the tallest shelf, and we are going to put an separate shelving unit in there (for now). Perhaps shelving the whole thing would be a good plan for the future. The use of this room is still up for debate. It'll either get foam/rubber flooring and become a workout room....or it'll get the Oriental rug that is currently in the dinning room (that I hate in there) and it'll become the office. The other room whose fate is in the balance is the tiny room upstairs that will either be an office or a tiny workout/craft room for me (in which case, the balance of the workout stuff will reside in the main part of the basement).

The master bedroom required that the trim be repainted (something we weren't planning on), so that set us back a bit. We also removed the closet 'fixin's' from this room as we don't need it for a closet (there is a big room-sized closet). We will be putting the armoire in the closet space and that will house a TV (that never gets used and I think we should sell...but whatever). This frees up space in the actual room for the bed and one dresser. The other dresser will go in the closet.

The master bath is *almost* done. We had to apply two coats of primer and paint the trim before getting started on the wall color. I'm also spray painting all the brass fixtures a brushed silver color. It's not our first choice, but it'll do until we can afford to buy something else. I'm all about using what's usable! I've painted the light fixtures already and I'll do the towel bars this week. The counter tops are still pink, so I don't know what we can do about that. I keep checking craigslist, so maybe we'll find something we can use...

H started on the chicken coop. It's looking pretty good! He's made a few mistakes, so we have a few more pieces we need to buy, but he's been able to use a lot of scrap wood in many places. The siding we used is the same wood we used to build the garden beds, so there was some overlap there. We hope to get that finished next weekend. I'm going to reserve a truck for the following weekend for our moving in date - and we want to get chickens as soon as possible after that.

The garden is moving a long. I didn't get more corn planted, but I hope to do that tonight. My body just can't take anymore painting for a few days, so I'm going to work in the garden. I need to give my new plantings a little TLC. I have two good sized tomatoes happening...and a few new Roma tomato 'babies'. I also need to get up the additional trellises as the beans are growing like gangbusters! Lastly, the row garden needs some weeding. I don't know how much physical labor I'll be capable of (I'm sore!), but we'll see how it goes.

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