Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday recap and my commute...

This is not my actual car - but it looks just like this (or it did when new).

Well, it's all in. We moved all but a few random things (like a few cleaning supplies and the items we are selling out of the apartment) into the house. We made the main run with my brothers WELCOME help on Saturday, then after we dropped him off, H and I made one more run with my car. On Sunday, we made a third run with his car and then today, I'll grab the last of the stuff and do some vacuuming.

I managed to unpack all but one box of the kitchen stuff. Once I got a plan in place as to where things were going, it went well. In fact, I've got TONS of leftover space. I'm going to unpack the dinning room boxes from the old house (that have been in storage) where I used to have to keep a bunch of seldom used kitchen stuff...and then I'll be done. I did manage to cook our first real dinner in the new house last night, and that felt good. I had to make liberal use of the grill and the microwave because the stove was covered with stuff, but do what you have to!

So far, the only difficulty I've encountered is that I really can't find most of my clothes. I have a few boxes, but so many are missing. Right before I went to bed last night, I realized that I had no pants. I had to frantically search for a box that held pants so that I'd have something to wear to work today. Once I'd located pants (and shoes, belt and underwear)...I was ok. All my toiletries made it easily, so there was no mad search for deodorant this morning or anything! I can't wait to get home and get more organizing done this evening. I'm tired of spending so much time getting moved and organized and not nearly enough biking and gardening!
Speaking of biking, tomorrow I'll be biking to work for the first time from the new house. It's about an 18.5 - 19.5 mile ride depending on route. The plan is to bike the whole route as much as possible in the summer when the weather is good. Once the rain starts, I may cut it short every once in awhile and take the MAX for part of it. I didn't have the foresight (or energy) to bring in all my toiletries today when I had to drive, so I'll be lugging those in with me on the bike tomorrow. I'll be carrying tomorrow's lunch, my toiletries, my clothing, a towel, and other items (like shoes). Luckily, I can leave my laptop here tonight, so I can avoid that extra weight. I'm a bit nervous - more about where I shower than I am about the ride itself, but I'll get over it. I would have started today, but I'd already made an appointment to bring my car in for service at 7:30 am.

Today I had made an appointment to get the 60K service done on my Prius. We want to sell it, so there are a few things that need taking care of. The first is that it needs the service. This normally costs about $600! Luckily, half the items to be done are unnecessary on a hybrid, so I got it for half off. Then I need a new headlight. They put Xenon HID headlights on the Prius that I bought and OMG those bulbs are expensive! $400 each!!! I told the dealer to skip it and that we'd see if we could afford it next month. He made a call to Toyota and talked them into absorbing the cost on the headlight and all I have to pay for is the labor ($35). Wow! The guy apparently told Toyota that we were new to the area and that he wanted to secure us as customers. He just did! Plus, when I dropped it off, I was prepared to wait the 3 + hours... they said that was unnecessary and they gave me a brand new red Camry to drive. All I have to pay for is the gas. Unreal! I told the guy that they were doing all the right things to ensure that we'd be bringing our 2005 Matrix in for service with them in the near future. What a great dealer (and how often does one get to say that?)?!

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