Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And now there are 4...

 Our Pygora goat Buddy (pictured above) has a new home.  He was really bulling our smaller goats making it very hard to keep the smallest goats well fed, so we had to re-home him.  Luckily, we found a nice couple not too far away who had recently lost one of their Pygoras and was hoping for a new one.  They had one left who was very lonely, so Buddy came along at the perfect time for them.

They've kept us abreast of his progress and he is warming up to them.  He gets along well with the other goat, too.  His name is Jerry.  Buddy and Jerry - sounds like the makings of a 50's sitcom!  Anyway, we are pleased that he's happy and actually serving a purpose again.

The remaining 4 goats (Pepper, her baby Penny, Daisy and Dollar) are all doing well.  We are still milking Pepper but having some difficulty keeping her from nursing Penny through the fence.  No matter what we do, they find a way.  Luckily, keeping Penny well fed keeps her from drinking too much milk so we are still getting plenty.  This coming weekend, we are going to look at how we can create a third goat area so that we can rotate them a bit better (to allow the pasture to freshen!).

We also now have two ducks on our farm.  Meet Luna and Butterscotch!  Luna is the black one and this photo does not do her justice - she is glossy black with gorgeous green undertones and a blue stripe on her wing.  Butterscotch actually came with the name Buttercup because she was a yellow duckling, but somehow her name morphed into Butterscotch.  They are currently sharing the same fenced area with our dogs, but they do poop on the deck, so we will have to come up with something else.  We'd be OK with letting them totally free range (they are less destructive than the chickens) but for the neighbors' three jack russells that would love to have duck for lunch.  I think that total property fencing may have just moved up a few notches on our priority list.