Friday, July 18, 2008

Moving day!

The house as it looked when we bought it.

Tomorrow is moving day. I'm very excited to finally get into the house on a permanent basis, but I'm really, really not looking forward to actually moving our stuff. I took today off work to get the balance of the packing done. I've been doing a little each night this week, but time was running out quickly. I also didn't want to pack up stuff until I knew we wouldn't need it, so I had to think about every single item..."will I need this before I get it unpacked?" makes the process take way too long. Today, if it doesn't move on it's own, it gets packed!

H took his bike to the house already this morning. He's going to mow the lawn while I'm here packing. Then tomorrow, we pick up the truck at 8:30 am and my brother at 9 am. The goal is to get 98% of what we own (and everything big) to the house before we have to return the truck.

I also found out that we were mistaken about when the chicks will arrive. They are scheduled to ship on the 23rd for arrival on the 25th. Now that we have a date, it's easier because H can just plan to work from home that day.

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