Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An evening of rest?

One of our trellised boxes - with our first tomato on that right plant!

Not quite, but sort of. Last night we opted to not make the journey out to the house for once, and we tried to get a few things done at the apartment. I did dishes, laundry and a tad bit of cleaning. We made a run to HD for some irrigation system parts (and to price counter tops...holy expensive, batman!).

After we'd gotten home, I sat down and went through the unplanted seeds. I still have some open spaces in our SFG, so I wanted to pick what I could plant. I opted for the Swiss Chard (which I'd already planned on), some parsnips, another zucchini variety, more onions, more garden beans and some herbs. I also planned out the herb boxes on the deck. We'll need to build an extra trellis for the extra beans, but other than that, I'll just be utilizing space that's sitting idle. I can't wait until we start harvesting!!

Tonight I need to open some boxes of clothing. We have lots of them and they can get in the way. Since the master closet is the only thing in this house that is BIGGER than the previous house, unpacking it should be super easy. All of my summer clothing has been packed away since February, and if I don't get it out soon, I'll miss the season for wearing it! Also on my agenda for the evening is to plant the seeds mentioned in the previous paragraph. I'd like to finish removing the wallpaper border in the laundry room and get started on priming in the office. I may be thinking overly ambitiously again...but I like to plan big sometimes.

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