Friday, July 11, 2008

Those pesky 25 lbs

I believe that it is time to get ride of those extra pounds. At least, thats the goal - to get started. A couple of women on my cycling forum have been talking about the South Beach diet. I've read the main book and use many of the cookbooks. I abandoned the idea of doing it (at least, Phase 1) in the past because of all my cycling. Last week, it occurred to me that since I'm not riding much right now (except for my short commute), this would be a really good time to do this. I'm thinking that I'll work on one week of Phase 1 which should help me break this sugar habit, and then I'll move into Phase 2 when I start riding a much longer commute (19 miles a day?!).

So, to that end, I will start eating the South Beach way on Monday. The plan is to get to the grocery store on Sunday after working on the house so that I'll have some fresh veggies. H also mentioned wanting to eat better, so the timing is right. I will not be using any of the South Beach prepared foods that you see at the grocery store. That just goes totally against what I think the diet is about! For Phase 1, the focus will be on lean meats, fresh veggies and healthy fats. Phase 2, I introduce small amounts of whole grain and low GI fruits. I'm actually looking forward to this! (and I'll remind myself of this feeling when I'm craving Mexican food in three weeks!).

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