Monday, June 30, 2008

Task Complete!

Our new living room color (minus scalloped trim!).

We did it. It was a TON of work, but we managed to move 12K pounds of stuff (furniture and boxes) from our storage facility into our new home. It took two weekends, two trucks, three trips, 4 adults, and a lot of gatorade and water! DH and I did a big chunk of it last weekend, but this weekend we solicited help. The worst item was a 400 lb upright piano. Oh, and record setting heat didn't help, either! BUT, both our garage at the apartment complex and our entire storage site are completely empty. As of tomorrow, we will no longer be paying for either of them. Whew!

We now have 5 bikes in our apartment and it's creating havoc. One of our dogs is afraid of bikes in the house. She's ok with them on the road and will actually run next to one (on the leash) with little coaxing. But, bring a bike into the house and she's terrified. The poor thing is having panic attacks because there are bikes everywhere. We have one on the balcony, two in the spare room and two in the living room. That leaves our bedroom as her only 'safe haven'. Tonight the plan is to make a run to the house and drop off 3 of those bikes and pick up a broom. We still need to sweep out the garage before we can say that we are 100% done. We'll keep the remaining two bikes in the spare room with the door shut, and she should be able to relax.

This week we also managed to get the scalloped trim out of the living room at the house, got the living room and most of the front hall painted, and we got the guest room painted. The next task is to take down the wallpaper borders and prime the basement room. Then we can get that room painted and get the computers & desks moved in and set up. Then I think our bedroom has to be next - or maybe the laundry room....hard to say. So much to do! I'm dying to paint the kitchen, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.

We are already seeing some sprouting on the seeds planted last week. All of the squash plants are sprouting and one of the cukes, too. We have lots of corn sprouts in the tilled area, too. Tonight we plan to get the watermelons in, and to plant more corn and more beans. AND, I promise to take photos. I can't believe that I had my camera with me all weekend and didn't get any photos taken!

For the long weekend, our goals are:
  • get the chicken coop/tractor built
  • finish interior painting
  • build compost bin

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