Thursday, June 26, 2008

Planting and painting

This is a 'before' photo of the living room. It's hard to see, but that trim at the top hiding the lighting? It's pink and scalloped... Nice, huh? I'd also like to mention that this is not our stuff. This photo was part of the original listing - that's the seller's furniture.

I'm quickly learning that my plans to get things done this week were grossly over-ambitious! We have gone to the house each night this week so far, and we've just barely gotten through my list of stuff for Monday night! The garden is planted save for the seeds that we don't yet have (they should be arriving today or tomorrow). The herb boxes are painted and filled - and I'll plant them tonight. I opted to only fill two of them instead of the original 3 because I was running out of Mel's Mix. We are going to make some more, but I figured that two is fine to start and we'll use what's left of the mix to supplement a few of the main boxes that are a little low.

The guest room is almost painted. It took 4 coats of paint to cover the trim, so that kind of sucked. The walls were fairly easy though. The problem is that the new color I'm painting on the walls is EXACTLY the same color as the walls are now when its wet. So I roll a section and I can't tell if it's done until it dries and turns darker. It's a major pain! Luckily, because the colors are so close, we only need one coat.

H finished cutting off the tacky scalloped trim on the overhang in the living room. He's also painted it white, so that is looking much better. We also wizened up to the idea of PRIMER. Duh! So now we are applying primer to all the trim prior to painting it. Hopefully this will save us both time and paint as 4 coats is just too much.

Tonight the plan is to finish up the guest room (one more wall to roll), and start on the living room. I may also consider putting up the primer in the office. Half the walls in there are a dark green, so we figure a good coat of primer will be necessary. I'll also have to take down the border, so maybe I'll do that tonight too. There are wallpaper borders in the second bath, the laundry room and in the room that we will be making an office. Fun, fun, fun. I'll also plan on planting the herb seeds tonight and putting in the grids on the square food garden beds, but that should be pretty quick. Oh, and I'll definitely take photos! I took my camera on Monday night but forgot to take photos until it was too dark. Then I tried on Tuesday, but discovered that my memory card wasn't in the camera. Then last night, I again forgot until it was too dark! I tried to take a few rose photos anyway, but it was too windy and with the flash, they came out blurry. I'll do better tonight, I promise!

So our goals are now to get the guest room, living room and office painted prior to Saturday. Then on Sunday:
  • finish changing out locks
  • plant more potatoes
  • get compost set up
  • paint dining room
  • start on chicken coop

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