Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Farmette

We got our keys yesterday evening and immediately ran down to the garage, loaded up the car with everything we could fit (predominantly the paint we've already purchased some other garage stuff) and took a drive out there. The rain clouds parted and the sun began to shine as we pulled into the driveway. Oh how exciting!!

We basically ran through the house like little kids. "Look at this!" "OMG, they left this for us!" "Wow, this is already done for us!" "Let's paint this room green" "Holy cow, this is one clean kitchen!". Once we'd gotten that out of our system, we backed the car into the garage to unload it (in case the rain came back). We started out by carring our items into the house, down the stairs, and through the basement to the 'pantry'. Then I got the bright idea to use the opening in the garage floor billed as a 'mechanics pit' to pass the items through. It worked like a charm. H handed the things to me in the basement and I deposited them on the built in shelves. We got it done in less time than it took us to load the car!

Then we went exporing outside. Most of the fruit trees are starting to bear fruit, so we were able to indentify quite a few. We have multiple apple and pear trees, multiple types of plum trees (the fruit of one is pictured above), and some brand new cherry trees. These will likely be a few years before the produce fruit. We also think we have one nut tree - but that's mostly just a guess. Time will tell on that one. In the far back of the property, we discovered two types of berry bushes (raspberry or marionberry, maybe?) that the previous owners said are some type of heirloom variety. They will be giving us an educating walk-thru later this month. We also found a lot of grape vines that appear to be bearing grapes already. I have no idea what type they are, but wine grapes are super popular in this area.

We talked about where we'll put the two paddocks for the goats and where we'll set up the chicken coop. I realized this morning that we didn't discuss where the compost pile will go, and that has to be one of the first things we set up. Our plan is to purchse the items we need to get the gardens set up either later this week or over the weekend. Gotta get planting!!

Oh, we also met our neighbor (or one of them) and her dog. We only talked briefly (she was getting dinner on the table) but she seemed very nice - and is maybe just a few years older than us? The dog was very friendly and playful and about the same size as our dogs. He's 13 years old, but acts like a puppy. That's what happy farm living can do for a dog, I guess! I think our dogs are going to really, really enjoy our new Farmette.

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