Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Turning off the brain

This is a view from our back yard. The furthest field is where the buffalo roam (a local Bison ranch). The field just beyond the fence is going to be where our goats will roam. And the area inside the fence is where our dogs will roam. See, we can all live in harmony! That ridge in the far background lies between our home and where we work. That one ridge makes our bike commute either 15 miles long with a TON of climbing...or 19 miles long if we go around it. Getting in shape? Check!
I just noticed a few minutes ago that somehow both H and I missed out on a get-together of other like-minded people in our area from an internet group to which we belong. Damn! Of course, now that I recall, I couldn't have attended that night anyway, it was the evening I worked my 'goofy' shift (a late shift until 10 pm that happens every couple of months). Ah well, the next meeting will be in early July, so we'll do our best to attend that one.

Last week, I asked H to show me how to load the shotgun. I've never fired (or loaded) any guns outside of pellet or bb guns when I was a kid. It occurred to me that having that gun in the house means that I needed to learn at the very least how to load it and unload it. So he showed me that and it seemed simple enough. This weekend the weather is supposed to be very nice, so we are going to go to a local place and do some skeet shooting. I need to start getting used to the idea of firing a gun. I've always been a pretty good shot at 'fake' guns and in hopefully I'll have passable skills. We want to purchase another small rifle, but since we both still have NC driver's licences, we're not sure how that will work. I guess that's just one more thing to add to the ever-growing list of things to do.

Honestly, neither H nor I have slept much in the past couple of nights. It's felt like getting the keys to the house just opened up the flood gates of things to get done and both of our heads are swimming. Prior to owning the house, we could put off items with the idea that most of it couldn't be worried about until we owned the house. Now, not so much. Frankly, it's overwhelming.

Anyway, toward that end, our plans for tonight after work is to load up the car and make another trip out there. I want to measure some of our furniture before we go to see where things are going to fit. Once that decision is made, that'll be less time I waste re-arranging furniture in my head! I'd also like to pick up some paint cards to finalize what colors we are going to put where (again, to shut off the brain). Most of the inside is good to go - there is a lot of cosmetic things to do...but nothing that's so pressing that it will hold us back in terms of moving in. I think I need to make a big huge TO DO notebook so that I can get all the ideas out of my head and on to paper! I need peace in the brain!

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