Friday, June 6, 2008

Almost home

We signed all the paperwork on our new little homestead this morning. We were not prepared to have to pay current oil prices for the oil remaining in the tank, but we managed to scrape up enough to cover it after forking over just about everything we had for the down-payment. I'm a little worried that we just took on MAJOR debt with the economy the way it is at the moment, but we need a place to live and land is not cheap here. It's barely over an acre, so it's not like we went big or anything. The real advantage is that it's already got many mature fruit trees and berry bushes, a nice quiet location, a well irrigation system and a basement. I say that we are 'almost home' because the closing won't be final until Monday and we can get our keys then. Anyway, our plans are to sell one of our cars, put the money towards paying off the other one, and then start paying extra on the house every month. Hopefully we can make a nice dent in that debt while we are still making good money!

Unfortunately, the closing costs and the oil bill set us back more than we had anticipated. We had to drain our little discresionary accounts to cover the main account. Except for long term investments, we are basically broke AND we still owe over $1200 to the moving company for storage of our stuff. Ugh. We do get paid next Friday, we have no credit card debt and all the montly bills are already paid for this month. The bad news is that we now have no money for getting the garden started, buying a lawn mower, or the materials for the chicken coop. We also can't even afford the paint we need to fix up things in the house prior to moving in our furniture! We'll figure it out though...I know we will.

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