Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yep, that's what the photo at the start of yesterday's entry is of...blackberries, of some sort. The photo above is obviously apples. Can't wait to see what type!

I took a load of misc stuff from storage to the house last night. I wanted to check on the tomato plants and pick up something I'd left there. I didn't want to drive all the way over there with an empty car, so I loaded up what I could fit - a patio chair (with a small tear in it..grrr), a lamp shade, pieces of the bowflex, and a few garden tools. In other words, not much!

Anyway, while I was over there, I checked on the garden and saw no mole activity yet. Yay! I also saw no signs of birds eating our corn - so perhaps my plastic cup and plastic bag blowing in the wind is working? Upon further investigation into the unidentified berry bushes, I discovered that the same branches that are showing buds are also dead on some ends. The dead parts have dried out berries on them that never got harvested last year. These berries are definitely NOT a raspberry, but some type of blackberry. Now I only hope that they are the delicious edible kind! Oh, and if the berries left on the branches from last year are any indication, we should get TONS of these suckers. Plus, we noticed some of these same plants growning on the opposite side of the yard against the fence mixed in with the crazy grape plants. Again, just futher indication that we are going to be up to our eyeballs in fruit!

Tomorrow H and I are both taking the day off. We've rented a 17' foot truck to move as much stuff out of storage as we can lift with just the two of us. I pray that we can make a HUGE dent in it during the 8 hours we have the truck. Considering that it's a 17' foot truck and our space is 30' deep and already partially moved, I'm banking on getting half of it out of there. Anyone wanna place bets? ;-)

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