Friday, June 13, 2008


We cannot locate vermiculite anywhere local. The place we'd seen it before wasn't answering the phone yesterday. Last night we drove by and lo and behold - they are closed - going out of business. Lovely. I found a place to order it online last night, but found out today that shipping alone would cost us $120! Luckily, H found a different place today were shipping was only $52 so we placed the order. It's going to be awhile before we get it though, so our garden planting is delayed. I did discover last night that I think we have lavender already growing in the back yard. I believe that's what's pictured above (taken Wednesday evening).
Anyway our plans ~

This weekend:

buy all the supplies for the garden boxes and build them
buy all the supplies for the chicken coop
buy a lawn mower
buy replacement deadbolts and install
buy interior paint and supplies
buy tomato and pepper plants
start painting interior
plant potatoes, corn and asparagus
paint the deck (maybe)
long bike ride
move as much stuff out of storage as we can

Next weekend:

Help friends move (one whole day)
plant balance of garden (if vermiculite arrives)
move as much stuff out of storage as we can
long bike ride
start building chicken coop

Today I'm going to run over to the house and make the final decision on the paint colors (in the correct light) and I'm going to measure the counter tops in the bathroom so that we can accurately price replacements. I'm also going to put some of our stash in the freezer to kill any creepy crawlies (hopefully). I figure that since the freezer is empty, we might as well take advantage of it.
We also need to start planning our massive yard sale. I'm thinking the second weeked in July sounds about right. We've got so much stuff (including furniture) that we just don't need. Hell, I've got enough clothing to open my own damn shop. Since I just don't see myself ever wearing most of it again, I'm getting rid of it. Most of it is professional work clothing. My career is decidedly casual. I'll keep one suit and maybe one dressier dress for weddings and such, but the rest goes. If it's not rugged and durable, I don't want it! Someone else might as well get some us out of it. Plus, if we can make a little cash, that can go towards home improvements.

I just really want to get some things accomplished! Once again, I barely slept last night. The worst part is that I'm not dreaming of 'doom'...I'm stressing about stupid stuff. I truly think that getting a few things accomplished is really going to help me relax...a lot.

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