Saturday, August 16, 2008

A room is done!

We still have plans to replace the 1980's vertical blinds, but until we decide on what we want, they'll stay.

Finally...only 2 months after we move in (and 3 months after we closed on the house), we have a room complete. I managed to get the last box unpacked on Saturday, and the living room is finished. It's now the only room in the house without a single cardboard box in it! I was getting frustrated on Saturday, so it was nice to get at least one thing on my list accomplished.

The chicks at 4 weeks old.

They seem happy in the coop where they have bugs to hunt and room to spread out a little.

The chicks are now just over 4 weeks old. They are living in the coop full time now. On chilly nights, we turn on the brooder light (which is in the coop by extension cord), but lately with warm temps, we haven't bothered with using it. As soon as their adult feathers are fully in, we won't need to give them any supplemental heat. They are close...basically, only their heads are still 'fuzzy'. We are pretty certain that two of our leghorns are actually roosters. They haven't crowed yet, but they got larger than all the other chicks faster, and they have larger combs than the other two leghorns. I've read that they should start crowing at about 4 weeks, so we'll see if they start making some noise soon. If they are roosters, we'll probably keep one and let the other fatten up for the pot. We'll see though...killing and cleaning a chicken is not high on my list of farm chores I'm looking forward to acquiring! ;-)

H cooked a delicious blackberry cobbler today. We made it from blackberries picked from the wild around our property. We had so many, we've had them on our cereal every day this week and he still had enough for cobbler and I have enough to make jam tomorrow. The cobbler came out delicious and it was expertly accompanied by our first attempt at ice cream made from goat's milk. We made a frozen custard using eggs, sugar, vanilla and milk, and it came out delicious. I think that next time, we'll make sure to use fresher eggs...and it will be even better!



Anonymous said...

What do you feed the chickens? Do you buy feed for the goats? Are the goats eating the grape leaves? I'm looking forward to the Feta!

Cat said...

We have been feeding the chicks a medicated 'starter' feed, but once that's gone, I want to start using a non-medicated one. Since Sass is lactating, she gets a high-protien natural goat feed. Buddy also gets a few grains of it, but mostly just to keep him busy while I milk Sass. And they both LOVE grape leaves and Sass loves apples from the tree.

Laura said...

Can I get that blackberry cobbler recipe? Our freezer is full of marionberries (a variety of blackberry native to Oregon) and I want to give it a shot!

Cat said...

Yes! I actually got an email asking about the recipe, I'll post it under today's date later this evening. :-)

And you are definitely invited over for goats milk ice cream very soon!!