Saturday, August 9, 2008

Farewell little chickies!

Chicks at 3 weeks old.

One of each type in this shot.

The brooder cover H created today.

Sassafras and Buddy together - they are slowly becoming friendlier to each other.

The lean-to with the mineral feeder and the hay net.

I finally sold three of our chicks tonight. I've had an ad up for awhile, but haven't had any luck. All the people who have contacted me until today were looking for 3 of the same type of chicken, not three different ones. I was tempted to change our plans and sell three of one type (we did not want to do that), but I'm glad it turned out that we didn't have to. One of each type went to a woman in our town who wanted to raise chickens for eggs and as a learning project for her children. As much as I'm a little sad to see them go, I'm glad that they are going to a nice home.

We had to make a cover for our brooder today. The chicks were perching on the edge of the box and if they got startled, they often fell out of the box on to the garage floor. Not only were we having to chase them down all the time, but I was starting to find chicken poop all over the place! Now they have a nice chicken wire cover that H created from the left over pieces of trim we removed from the living room when we bought the place. It turned out great and for some reason, the chicks seem more calm with the cover on!

Today we had to run to the apartment and do our final cleaning. So far, we've sold the table and chairs, but we are still working on getting the entertainment center sold. We were able to vacuum and clean the whole place, and we moved the last of the things we had there. It's now 100% empty with the exception of that entertainment center. On the way back home, we stopped at Wilco and checked out their selection of stuff. It seems like a nice place...their prices weren't any better than our local feed store, but they did have a larger selection, so it's good to remember if we needed something unusual. We did pick up a small feeder for minerals for the goats, and a hay net. H saw something online about using a horse hay net to feed hay to goats. It helps them eat the hay with less waste. So far, they both seem to like it.

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