Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy times

The coop where the chickens now reside.

I've been really busy at work lately, so my lunchtime blogging has suffered! I only have a few minutes today, but I figured I'd swing by and throw a few details out there.

H moved the chickies into the coop/tractor yesterday. We are expecting normal temps today, but much warmer than normal for the next few days, so it seemed like a good time to do this. They appear quite happy out there! The funniest thing was watching our cat stare at them with rapt attention. He has no way of getting to them, so they are safe. But it's the first time he's been exposed to them since they first arrived and it was fun to watch. What was less fun was watching the neighbor's orange cat doing the same staring early this morning!!

H also built a table of sorts for the goats. It's basically a plaything for them. They can climb on it and play 'king of the table' if they want. We'll see if Sassafras will play with Buddy. I'm guessing that she will eventually!

I was up early this morning to milk her. It was dark, so I grabbed a camping lantern that was sitting in the garage. It was kind of cool to be out there with the goats as the sun was starting to rise. I was up that early because I biked to work again today. My goal was to do this 2 times this week. Day 2 was supposed to be Friday - but with temps forecasted to be 100, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I may just do it anyway! It was a nice ride in this morning. I think that I was holding H back as he seemed to want to go faster than I could manage. We'll see how that goes this evening...

I ordered a Yogourmet yogurt maker. I picked it out because it holds up to 2 quarts and I have a few recipes that are designed for 2 quarts. I also spent a little time this morning talking to a woman at work with LOTS of yogurt making experience. She gave me a few helpful I think I'll be ready to try again very soon!

That's about it. I'm off to the lab. Work has been much busier this week and I think that's a good thing. :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are biking to work, but what's with 100 degree temperatures? Florida is not nearly so hot. Any more info about the mini burros? Would you like that as a farm-warming present? Luck with your yogurt.

Anonymous said...

I have read your entire blog starting in June and am amazed at what you are doing and maybe your reasons for it. You are a very impressive young woman and I am proud of you! Love you...Mom