Monday, August 25, 2008

The buffalo return

It looks like Monday's are the day that the buffalo get access to the field behind our house. I got up, went to feed the dogs, and while I was giving them water, Maggie ran outside for a quick pee before breakfast. She immediately started barking like mad. It was the 'hey, something is out here' bark, too. I looked, and sure enough, a HUGE prehistoric looking buffalo was just on the other side of the fence not 25 ft from where Sass and Buddy were munching. Neither of them seemed too concerned. I went about my inside work and by the time I'd headed out to do the milking, the buffalo had moved on. I am thankful that they all seemed to live quietly together this time. I've been terrified of Sass hurting herself in our absence should the buffalo reappear while we were at work. I guess their excitement and running around the last time was what upset Sass the most. If they are calm, she appears calm. Kind of like the dog whisperer, huh?

Last night, H ordered plans to build our own cheese press. We want to be able to make some of the hard cheeses, so a press is necessary. I still have plans to make feta, I just need to find time. This coming weekend, I'm taking Friday off. No reason other than my desire to have 4 days off in a row with a good chance of getting a lot done AND getting in some fun bike rides. Maybe I'll be able to make some cheese then.

Tonight I'm leaving early to meet the rep from the second siding company. This company is the same company that has done some work on our house when the previous owners had it. I'm really curious to see what they come back with for an estimate.

Tonight I'll be making more blackberry jam, and perhaps picking some more apples. I'll also be uploading all the photos off my camera and updating the last few posts in this blog! I will need to take and post 5 week old chick pictures on Wednesday, too.

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