Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Balance in life

Roses in our backyard - one of many bushes that I've had to learn how to prune. This photo is from last year, but this particular bush is already sending out new shoots this spring!

My sincerest of apologies to my faithful readers. I didn't not mean to be absent from writing for so long...and particularly during this, the quiet season (on the farm). I just haven't felt very wordy the past couple of weeks and without words, blog posts are quite lacking! I suppose I could have come on an posted the occasional photo. In fact, that's what I'll do the next time my brain goes dry. For now, you'll have to be content with a bit of a recap.

Let's see... We have been focusing on getting the late winter/early spring things done. We've done some seed starting including a second wave of tomatoes (the first wave is doing very, very well!), peppers and onions...and some new things like broccoli and cauliflower. We've been faithfully pruning away at our fruit trees and my H has done a wonderful job on the grape arbors. We've also begun to do some grafting on our apple trees. I got quite a nice selection of apple wood scions from a guy I work with...and we've been grafting it to our red delicious trees when opportunity arrises (we still have quite a bit more to do). I started a small lettuce experiment in the basement (since our seeds are now starting in the greenhouse). We are putting together shelves and trying to get organized as well. Ah, and we ordered quite a few supplies to get our 'birthing kit' ready for the arrival of Sass's babies (end of March).

I've got quite a few photos of the above items, and I'll definitely get them posted in the next couple of days. I was sick with a cold last week, so I haven't been nearly as productive as I usually am. I think it's driving my husband batty - I know it's making me nuts! I did manage to get my new wheels installed on my commuter bike (my birthday present from my husband) but I've been sick since then and have not yet been able to take them out on their inaugural ride!

I've also been working on myself a little lately. In general, I am very, very self critical. In fact, I consider myself quite a bit of a self-bully, to be perfectly honest. Lately, I've somehow let my personal 'upkeep' fall off quite a bit (between gaining weight, not cycling and getting out of shape, not getting my usual summer tan, and generally not really taking very good care of myself) and with all the mini-farm work, I haven't had time to even think about it. Now that I do, I realize that not only have I not been taking very good care of myself physically, but I haven't been taking good care of my psyche either. It makes me a glum person and I don't enjoy being that way (and I'm sure others don't enjoy being around me!) Anyway, I'm working on being nicer to myself (and on getting back in shape). Happiness grows from a balanced life and it's time I remembered that there is more to mine than just making the garden grow. :-)

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