Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today had a bit of a blueberry theme to it.

First off, I joined again yesterday. It's a site where you can log your food intake and exercise and any number of other things. I had let my account lapse last fall because I wasn't using as much as I should have been. Since it's time I got serious about losing weight, I need to start logging my intake. This site is the best I've found - it suits me and what I want to be able to do. So tday was my first full day of logging. I did well with my calories eaten and burned, but I need to work on the other details (sodium, cholesterol, etc). And the graphic on the main page (and on my 'favorites' link) is a blueberry!

This morning we took a walk around our property talking about the projects we want to accomplish this spring and summer. We will be expanding our square foot garden boxes (adding 4 more), we will be adding blueberry bushes both in the front yard and in the back, we'll need to add some berries to our bramble trellis area, we want to build a goat building (two real stalls and a milking area), we need to prune one more apple tree and take down a few branches off our neighbor's tree that are blocking our apple tree sun, we measured for fencing both for the goat area and for our herb garden near the house, and we talked about where we will be planting our sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes). After that, we made a nice long list of purchases to work towards over the next few weeks and then headed to the local nusery. We purchased 4 red raspberry plants to compliment our blackberries and our loganberries. We bought 8 blueberry bushes (3 for the front and 5 in the back) and we made sure to plan it so that our harvest spreads the entire summer. We bought some seed potatoes and a few lettuce and onion seeds because I think ours are too old (the germination rate sucks). Lastly, we priced fencing at a few places and we think we know what we want to do starting next weekend.

Tomorrow we have plans to go into Portland and see Wicked! I'm excited. I can't wait to see how it compares to the book (which I really enjoyed).

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