Saturday, March 28, 2009


Like the goat's milk before it, we are getting overwhelmed with eggs. We are now up to 8-9 eggs a day from our 10 chickens...and with just two of us, that's a lot of eggs! We have been selling them to some of the people I work with and we do occasionally give a dozen to our neighbors, but it's still a lot of eggs.

So far, I've been trying out recipes that are egg intensive with the intention of finding good ones and then freezing them. So far, I've made the following:

Spinach and cheese strata - this was delicous and reheated (and froze) really, really well. Egg total: 9

Ham and green onion quiche - not bad but a little bland even though I used some of our local grass fed ham. The crust made it supremely unhealthy - and for that amount of fat, it should be outstanding. Egg count: 4

Dehydrated eggs! (on the right) I used our dehydrator and dehydrated whole, scrambled eggs. I haven't yet verified how well they rehydrate, but this jar holds 21 eggs and will keep, unrefridgerated, for 3 to 4 months. Egg count: 21

I also make a healthy, high protien waffle that uses a lot of eggs. They just look like regular old waffles, so I didn't take a photo. I make a huge batch and then freeze them. They make excellent breakfasts either reheated with syrup or fruit, or toasted and used as bread with apple butter or jam. They are also great with icecream sandwiched between two of them, but that's not good for us! ;-) Egg count: 6 per recipe (12 for a double).

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