Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photo sharing

The pansies that I planted last fall are blooming just beautifully this spring!

More dafodils in front of our house...

Flowering bushes on the side of our house are about to bloom.

Spring time is definitely here! The main photo in my header was taken in our front yard. We've got different types of dafodils popping up all over the place! We also have tulip leaves peeping through - so I anticipate quite a few of those a little later this spring. This is a good thing since I'm a big fan of tulips (it was our main wedding flower). The cherry tree, red plum tree and our pear trees are about to bloom as well. I'll be sure to take photos as things blossom!

The chickens are enjoying slightly warmer weather as well. They particularly like when it's not raining and they can tear around the fields (here they are taking a water break).
One of our chickens (nicknamed Atilla since she's a terror) seems to like to follow Rick around when he's outside. It's pretty funny, actually.

Here he is giving her a little hug. No wonder she likes him!

Buddy has got a super thick, soft coat this spring. We expect that he'll start shedding it soon...but if he doesn't, we may have to try our hand at shearing!

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JES said...

Buddy looks like a sheep (but don't tell him that). I wonder if Atilla the Hen imprinted on your husband when she was just a chick. Birds do that, and then they think you're their mother. Could those budding bushes be camellias? Ours have been blooming for a while (winter bloomers) in the southeast, but maybe things are different in Oregon.

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.