Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Siding progress and growing chicks

I finally took more siding pictures last night. The front of the house (and the front porch) is not complete, but you can definitely see progress.

Here you can see the section we chose to do in 'shingles' as opposed to boards.

The big wood beam just above the post was replaced and it's now straight out from the house as it should be. You can also see where the ceiling was removed.

This is from the other side of the door. The big brick planter is gone - and that post will be covered to make it more attractive (when the ceiling goes back in).

The north side of the house - don't you just love the yellow 'accessories'?

The back of the house - we are thinking we need to replace that stoop which now looks terrible!

The back side of the house showing the deck (and the screwed up fencing we need to fix). Again, more yellow accessories including doors!!

And just for good measure, here are a few of the chicks. They are now 9 weeks old. We have at least 2 roosters (both White Leghorns) and they are just learning to crow. We also question the sex of a couple of our Ameraucanas. I could have sworn that one of them was making crowing sounds when I was taking these photos.

Roosters and chickens - the black/brown one in the far back was the one I could have sworn was starting to crow...

This is Bruno - he's the rooster with the reddest comb - he's also the best at crowing (so far).

And this is Maple. She's the smallest bird and easily the most friendly and least skittish of the group. Isn't she pretty?

Lastly, my applesauce and applebutter (which I had on toast for breakfast today!):

Applesauce made with three types of apples - one of which I know is Red Delicious. I love how it's got a slightly pink tint to it. It's quite tasty, too!

Applebutter - basically boiled down applesauce with sugar and spices added. It's amazing how much more flavorful this stuff is over the store-bought varieties!


Melissa said...

I've really been enjoying your blog. I think it's wonderful what you and your husband have accomplished in such a short amount of time! Anyway, if you wouldn't mind, would you post your recipe for apple butter? I'm going to be picking apples here in Massachusetts soon and am thinking of making apple butter in the crockpot too. Thanks!

Laura said...

I love to buy apple butter at the Amish store when we go to Indiana because it is so much more flavorful than the other stuff. The Amish store sells apple butter that someone made at home, and it just tastes...homey. So warm and comfortable.

The siding looks great - love it! And you're right, the primer looks much better than the yellow. I kept thinking the yellow wasn't *that* bad, until I saw it a different color...yeah, it was that bad!

Anonymous said...

of course Bruno would be the best!! ;-) I love Maple, she is so cute! - Andrea

btw - I love the new background too!

Cat said...

Hi Melissa, Laura and Andrea! Thanks for all the kind words. :-)

Melissa, for the applebutter, I followed the directions at this website:
Basically, I used 5 quarts of applesauce, 3 cups of sugar and the seasonings mentioned at the website. I had to cook it for longer than they recommended to get the right consistency partly because I had to keep mine mostly covered due to a fruit fly issue we are having (too many too ripe pears!!). If you can leave yours more uncovered, it should process faster.

Good luck!!