Friday, September 19, 2008

Before photos

Can you believe it? Two posts in one day!!

Anyway, here are some before photos of the work we are having done by the siding company.

The front entrance: before.

The garage: before.

The north side: before.

The south side: before.

These are some photos of the sagging front entryway. We are paying extra to have this fixed correctly - and it appears to be a challenge!

The corner on the left is sagging due to water damage over time. The white posts were put in by the previous owners at our request because the old one had some serious dry rot going on.

Here you can kind of see it - the big thick beam holding up the roof is slanted down away from the house - it should be straight across!

You can see how this overhang is sagging away from the house a little better in this shot.

And the work begins! This is the south side of the house after they removed all the old siding. You can see how there was no vapor barier on the attic part. You can also clearly see the thick, solid cedar boars that our house was built with...

The first delivery of supplies - more was dropped off pretty much every day this week. And the HUGE dumpster now pretty much blocks this pile from view from this angle (it hadn't been delivered yet).

I'll take some photos tomorrow of what's done so far. Basically, there is siding up on all sides of the house except the front. They also started work on raising that sagging corner - it's propped up temporarily right now - but it already looks better!

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