Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The never-ending to do list

So coming off a 4 day weekend, you'd think I'd be rested and ready to go. Not quite. A 4 day weekend for me means that now I'm sore and I need a few days at work to rest up! We got a lot accomplished this weekend, and I'm pleased with the progress. Things still left to do?

Mow the lawn - we've been doing this in stages, so it's never fully done.

Plant the pansies - I finally bought some flowers to brighten up the front yard a bit. I'll eventually plant a late blooming perenial in those beds...but pansies were cheap, so they'll do for now.

Plant the fall garden - I need to get some fall seeds in the ground pronto! I'm also going to fashion some small greenhouse things over the boxes as the weather cools off.

Install a door on the chicken coop - the chicken door needs a cover over it still

Buy a chest freezer - ASAP as we need a place to put up the harvest and our current freezer is too small.

Use up blackberries - before the weekend when we will need to pick MORE.

Find a 'date' for Sass - soon, we want to breed her in October for kidding in March.

The rest of the items will wait. This list is for this week and next weekend. After that, we'll reprioritize as necessary. It's been cold lately (into the 40's at night) but by this next weekend, it should be back into the 80's during the day. Very weird weather - apparently, this is much colder than usual. We had the chance to see if our woodstove was in working order this weekend. We fired it up to check it out and to take the chill off the house on Saturday morning. The stove works great and our house stays nicely warm when we remember to close all the windows.

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