Friday, September 19, 2008


Wow, nice blogging, huh? I can't believe that it's already Friday and that I haven't written at all since last Saturday! Let's see...what's been going on...

Saturday night we went out with friends and had some food from my husband's heritage. It was a crawfish place and he was in hog-heaven! Boiled crawfish, seafood gumbo, crawfish etouffee, fried oysters and pecan pie... And in the car on the way home, he had a big ole grin on his face. Who knew that a culinary trip down memory lane would have such a positive affect on him. It was really cute!

On Sunday, we did some work around the house. We reversed roles from the previous weekend. I was outside mowing the lawn, trimming the fruit trees, picking up rotten apples, setting up a second compost pile, etc... and H was in the kitchen making mozzarella. He worked on it ALL day and unfortunately, it didn't turn out. I guess mozzarella is to my H what yogurt is to me? He'll get it eventually! At least we still have plenty of milk to work with! ;-)

This coming weekend, I'm going to make more milk stuff. Fudge, pudding and a Mexican caramel candy....I guess it's going to be a 'sweet' weekend! I will also try my hand at apple butter and pearsauce. We'll be picking more pears, finishing up the chicken coop and cleaning out the goat's lean-to. Oh, and admiring our house...

The siding company started work on the house on Tuesday. So far, they've finished the south side and the entire back side of the house. It looks like a totally different place! The siding is pre-primed, so it's kind of a washed out beige color...and it's an improvement over the yellow. I took a few before photos and one of a wall after the old siding was removed, so I'll post those this weekend. Luckily, the main walls of the house were built with big solid cedar boards (not pressboard like today's homes) and it is in good shape. We are very, very thankful for that! Everyday we come home to more of the house being done and we are both very excited to get started on painting. That'll have to wait until they are totally done because sawing the siding generates a lot of dust. We *may* start this weekend on painting the garage doors and the back doors - but that will depend on how the weather shapes up.

It's also been a busy week at work for both of us. My responsibilities are really picking up (about right - 6 months into the job now) and I've had to cut my lunch breaks short all week! H has had travel to complete and has been kept very busy during the day. All in all though, things are good. We managed only one commute by bicycle this week, but my plan is to increase that to two commutes for the next two weeks. I hope to be up to three times a week by the second week in October. I would be a lot more motivated to ride if the stupid Prius would sell. And what is with the gas prices lately? They just dropped again! We are now well below $3.50/gal. Now, of course, that's not cheap...but this trend is not conducive to the sale of a hybrid car! And I've heard that the trend is in the other direction on the east coast. I guess I shouldn't be complaining, should I?

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