Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scheduling bonus!

Poor Buddy - when he came for his breakfast this morning, he was dragging a bunch of branches behind him. The blackberry branches that H had given to them to eat had gotten tangled up in his fleece. He was nice and quiet and patient while I worked them out of his fleece. I hope he wasn't sleeping on those things all night! Poor little guy!

I can't believe it, but when the lady from the siding company called to set up our walk-through with the project manager, she told us that we were on the schedule for a week from Monday. Yes...our siding project starts on Sept 15th! This means that it should be done before the following weekend, so if the weather is nice - we'll be able to paint! I'm so incredibly excited. I was really, really worried that the rains would start before we could get this done. I now anticipate a nice cozy winter in a watertight home!

Speaking of winter, it was unseasonably cold this morning. My fingers were numb as I was setting up to milk Sass (at o'dark-thirty) and I felt bad when she jumped a bit as I started to milk! Then, on our bike ride in, I had only my fingerless biking gloves on (I didn't have time to properly search for the full fingered ones), so my hands were cold! In fact, my face was cold - it was that chilly - for the first 6 or so miles. Once the sun broke over the horizon, it was better. I'm constantly amazed at how much stronger the sun feels without a ton of humidity in the air to filter it. The sun here feels significantly stronger than it did in NC (and even in FL). The nice thing is that the shade is always cool here, too. I guess that's the dry air for you! I'm loving it! I think H was a little uncomfortable on the commute this morning. He doesn't like riding in the cold, like I do. I was born in Minnesota in February when it was -27F. H was born on the Mississippi gulf coast when it was in the 90's and super humid. Go figure.

Of the items I listed yesterday, guess how much I got done last night? None! By the time I got home, had dinner, cleaned up, and then got everything ready for leaving early this morning, I had no time. Of course, wasting an hour watching Roddick play in the US Open didn't help the schedule any. In fact, tonight, since it's the Williams' sisters that are playing each other, I'm not even going to plan to do anything but have dinner and clean up. A night off sounds like heaven.

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