Thursday, November 5, 2009

RIP Kitty

This is Kitty back when he was a much younger cat.

Kitty was a different cat after his last disappearance. He was significantly friendlier and he rarely left the house for more than a few hours at a time. He also enjoyed hanging out with whomever was willing to be outside with him (humans or dogs). He became a pretty involved member of the family. Prior to his accident, he was more stand-off-ish and was afraid of all people except us. In fact, most people didn't believe that we had a cat because they'd never laid eyes on him! When my parents were visiting at the end of the summer, I think he even went so far as to rub up on the legs of one of them (to our shock!). He was a great lover of goats milk and would risk the dog's growling for a taste.

He retained many of his annoying habits after his accident, too. He still prefered to drink out of the bathroom sink and would sit there and meow until we complied. Luckily, he never felt the need to drink from the kitchen sink! He also got into the VERY bad habit of bringing us dead mice. Dead mice on the floor - good kitty. Dead mice on our bed? BAD KITTY!!

When I returned from Cabo late Monday night, he came in to greet me. He was also there the next morning 'helping' with my chores. If I wasn't up too early, he'd come out and walk with me as I did my morning chores. I believe that was the last time we saw him.

We keep hoping he'll just show up one day because he had been on 'walkabout'...but knowing his recent behaviour, we are pretty sure he wouldn't go far anymore. We are pretty certain he's met his untimely death. I only hope he didn't suffer.

RIP, Kitty. We'll miss you.

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