Monday, November 2, 2009

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

5 of 7 of us at dinner on the first night (I'm on the left)

The pacific ocean crashes into the rocks along the beach.

The famous Cabo arch.

All but one of us set to head out for a birthday dinner celebration!

No, this post is not about anything even remotely sustainable, or green, or projects or recipes or anything homestead-like. This post is about mental burn out and the way to recharge....

CABO, baby! ;-)

Yes, I went on a trip to Cabo San Lucas with some women, most of whom I'd just met. The only person I had known for more than a few hours when we boarded the plan was the girl whose birthday we were celebrating. In fact, most of us on the trip were about the same age and that alone made it special. Add to that the fact that there were more non-mothers than mothers and you get a totally unusual dynamic. We had a blast!

We were there for 4 days and it wasn't enough! So much laughter, so much much sun, surf and smiles. I feel like a new woman. It was worth every penny (and we didn't spend many!) and every stressful minute leading up to departure.

And while I missed my husband, the dogs, and the goats (the cat and the chickens, no so much!), I'm glad I went. Even more importantly, I'm also happy to be home.

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