Monday, April 20, 2009

Goat Babies in Action

These are slightly aged videos (a couple of weeks old) but it's getting increasingly difficult to get photos or videos of the kids as they get bigger. They just don't hold still! Just about the only time they hold still for a second or two is when they are not good video material, right?

The above one is why using cattle panels to fence in baby goats is useless. Live and learn.

The below video is Pepe's first successful attempt at climbing and balancing on the cinder block. Now, of course, he's capable of leaping up onto mom's back...or the waist high table, or the milking stand, or us...(as evidenced below). When you listen to it, turn down the sound or you'll get an earful of me laughing as Oreo climbs onto me while I was video taping his brother!

I'll try getting some more updated shots this evening if I can. They sure are cute little guys!

Rick with both babies on his lap while mom looks on - he is their favorite jungle gym and they will choose to climb on him over all other humans.

Me with Pepe on my back. I'd squatted down to look at something Oreo was doing and Pepe took the opportunity to jump on my back! Let's hope they give up this habit once they are full grown or there are going to be a lot of sore humans around! ;-)

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vintage77 said...

i love how his little tail is wagging the entire time he's trying to climb on top of the block. so cute! Andrea