Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bees move in!

Disclaimer - I know very little about bees. We have a couple of books, and I plan to educate myself eventually, but since this is my husband's project, he's the expert right now. With his reseach and a lot of help from Ruhl Bee Suppy, he's quickly getting up to speed. Anyway, in lieu of a wordy post, here are a few illustrative photos.

The hive/box with a few frames removed (I'm sure there are more correct terms than 'hive/box' and 'frame' but whatever) and the bees awaiting installation in their new home.

10,000 Italian bees with a queen in there somewhere...

My husband in his 'bee suit' spraying sugar water on the bees to calm them before putting them in the hive.

The bees in the hive. Sorry about the quality of photo - but I was standing pretty far away at this point and using the silly little zoom lens on my point and shoot camera. It was also getting dark, so it's hard to see the bees flying around.

Since these photos were taken, my huband has reduced the size of the boxes. He's taken out the bottom one because apparently that's too much space for so few bees and they get confused. We can't have confused bees, can we?

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