Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Pruning Continues

The three biggest fruit trees that needed pruning - 'before'.

We have been using the pruning that we need to complete as a 'fill in' when we take breaks from other chores (like building the greenhouse). So far, we have completed 7 apple trees and 1 prune tree. We still have quite a few left to get done, including all the pear trees, but it's a start.

Same three trees - 'after' and much shorter!

Here you can see the before and after of the two biggest tree projects we had. The third one (on the left) is a plum tree that we still have not yet tackled. The two apple trees had to be done right away because the area in front of the tree on the right is where our greenhouse is going to go. We wanted to get the BIG branches down before we put the greenhouse in to avoid the possiblity of a rougue branch taking out our new greenhouse. It took us more time to clean up all the branches (and it's still not done!) than it did to cut them down. The good news is that our wood pile is a bit replentished (for next year) with the big limbs we took down.

Before this weekend is over, we hope to get a few more apple trees and the pear trees completed. We also still need to take on the remaining grape arbors. It's a never ending battle!

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