Monday, February 9, 2009

Eminent return

I know that I've been very sporadic about posting over the past week (9 days, actually). While things have been happening on the little farm that are reasonably worth posting about, I've been swamped at work. I had to work late a couple of days, and while I had some time to update over the weekend, I felt the need to leave my computer in it's bag. After I left work on Friday, I did not use a computer even once until I got back to work on Monday morning. That's an extremely rare occasion for me!! At the very least, I'm using it for recipes or to look up how to do some farm task or other.

Anyway, we actually got quite a bit accomplished. In a nutshell, we cleaned out the chicken coop and moved it, cleaned up a lot of the branches from last weekends pruning, laid out and leveled the base for our greenhouse, filled in the floor with gravel, tried to finish building the greenhouse and broke the repaired connector again, baked bread, pruned two more apple trees and one plum tree, transplanted a few seedlings into larger pots and grafted a few apple branches to our red delicious tree.

We have a new greenhouse piece on it's way to us to arrive tomorrow, so we hope to get that thing built (finally!) before next weekend. I have been taking photos all along the way, so once it's done, I'll have a full pictorial version of our efforts to share.

My plan is to return to regular blogging very shortly. Stay tuned...

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