Monday, March 12, 2012

The Farm Reprieve

My foot in a splint while we are waiting to see a temporary car for me.  I took this photo using the '70's' option on Instagram.  Neat!

Because of what you see in the above photo, the sale of our farm has been postponed.  A week ago Saturday, I was carrying a bin of hay (heavy!) out to the goats when two of our three dogs ran into me causing me to lose my balance.  I tried to recover while still holding on to the hay but my right foot slipped in the mud and somehow ended up underneath me, twisted upside down.  I felt a snap.  I screamed in pain.  I laid in the mud while the dogs tried to lick my face, crying.  I had worst-case scenarios running through my pain-addled brain..."I'll never run again!".  I was close to correct!

That morning, my husband was not home.  I didn't expect him back for about 4 hours, so I knew I had to figure out a way to at least get back in the house.  Turns out, I could move my toes and put some weight on my heel.  That was good enough for me...I finished my chores (the goats still needed water!) by limping my way around and got back inside.  Right then, my husband called asking me to pick him up because he had to leave the truck for work.  I didn't think I could drive (this was my right foot!) but when I tried, it was ok.  I picked him up, we ran some errands and by the time we were done, the truck was done and I drove the car home.  By mid-afternoon, the swelling and pain was too much to bear and we went to the ER.  X-rays ensued and they said I'd broken my 4th metatarsal.

When I saw the orthopedic surgeon the following Wednesday, he had more news for me.  Yes, 4th metatarsal was broken, but that wasn't the worst of my troubles.  I also damaged my Lisfranc joint and will need surgery.  They have to essentially put my joint back together and hope it heals properly.  If it doesn't arthritis will ensue and probably necessitate fusing the joint.  If that happens, I will never run again.  BUT, that's getting a little ahead of things.  For now, I have surgery scheduled for Thursday (3/15).  We'll just worry about that for now.

All my runs, triathlons, bike events and hiking trips for the summer have been cancelled.  The sale of our home will have to wait another year.  We have too much to do and there is no way only one person could do it...never mind the actual moving process itself.

The road to recovery will be long.  I will walk it (or crutch my way down it) as best I can.

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Jean said...

Speedy recovery. My partner had a farm with his ex. But the divorce settlement required he sell the farm. It coincided with this pollen allergies, which included hay allergies getting alot worse.

He built the farmhouse, had cattle, some pigs, etc. for a decade.

We went to visit the farm after it was sold and found a lovely transformation of the house into a skylit roof built into the hill, etc.

It was great to see that transformation from something that cause heartache at the end, when my partner sold it.