Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Goat Baby Images

Daisy and Dollar atop the dog house together.

As promised - a few more photos of the goat babies! These were all taken a couple of weeks ago. Dollar is now almost twice Daisy's size. He's will become a wether this weekend because we feel that he has probably developed enough due to his large size and fast growth rate. Both goats are growing a shaggy coat that is super cute and very soft. Good thing they both enjoy being petted...they get a lot of attention!

My husband holding Dollar.

Me, holding Daisy. (please excuse the squinting - that morning sun is BRIGHT!)

And lastly, just because he was being a good boy - we have a photo of Cassanova, our only remaining rooster. He's got the oddest orange eyes - I swear that they are fake! So far, he's not shown us much aggression but he is still a young rooster. He's a cross between a white leghorn (father) and an Arucana/Americana/easteregg bird (mother).

Cassanova in all his orange eyed glory!

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