Monday, December 1, 2008

Rain and Sun in Oregon

The sun broke through and sent us a gorgeous, bright rainbow across our backyard!

More often than not, the weather can make or break my mood. This has always been the case for me, so I was fearful that moving to a place where it rained from October to June was going to do me in. So far, I've been wrong. Today is the first day of December, so now I can say that I have been in Oregon for every month of the year. I came here for my interview in January of 2008. We traveled here for a week in Feburary 2008 to look for a place to live. We moved here in March 2008 and have been here ever since. Up until today, December was the only month I hadn't yet experienced at all in Oregon. Now, I'm not clamining that one day in December, a weekend in January and a week in February is enough to determine how the long rainy winter will affect me...but it's a milestone, none-the-less!

Anyway, what I've come to realize is that while yes, it rains virtually daily in the winter, it's often not a long drawn out downpour. In fact, it's mostly just cloudy and drizzly with occasional breaks in the clouds...sometimes even lasting a whole afternoon (like yesterday). And then June/July hits and someone turns off the water. It didn't rain much at all in July or August of last year. In fact, it was very, dry and beautiful. Anyway, my point is that while it would be hard to plan a week of camping in these winter conditions, it's easy enough to get things done (when it's not dark!) and to work around the rain showers. So far, the minor sun breaks are enough to keep my spirts up. Rainbows help, in this regard, too. Let's see how I do with the rest of the winter!

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